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AspectFT® is a Building Automation Integration and Energy Control Solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through common and convenient web technologies available on a wide array of generally available devices.

AspectFT brings building information and control into the palm of any user's hand through integration with services like Twitter®, RSS, email, Google Calendar™, Microsoft® Outlook®, and Apple® iCal®. Through compatibility with common web platforms, you can access your building in a variety of ways from a variety of devices. In many cases AspectFT will integrate with your current computer or smart device through programs already on those devices. With the right user permissions, you can gain direct access to the information and tools that are vital to saving time, energy, and money. schedule a meeting for the conference room through Microsoft Outlook. With AspectFT the room can automagically (it really is like magic) set the room to be prepared for the meeting. No need to worry about changing the settings on the thermostat, or remembering to turn it down after the meeting. No need to know BAS. Just schedule the meeting and go. With RSS, email, and Twitter your computer or smart device can get all the information you desire. No need to know the BAS system. With these web technologies you can receive texts, tweets, emails, and feeds. Whether you are a PC or a MAC®, AspectFT is designed to communicate and function with applications and programs compatible with either platform. AspectFT is designed to integrate your building to your world, so you can go about your business without worrying about ours.

The AspectFT solution brings together multiple protocols and devices to a dedicated, centralized, or redundant location designated by the customer. From here collective data can be accessed, eliminating the need to visit each individual site.

Through a user interface custom designed by a trained AspectFT Engineer, all data provided in any number of buildings can be viewed in an almost infinite number of ways. All that is required is the use of a standard web browser such as, Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Opera™, Safari® , or Internet Explorer®.

Flexibility in the palm of your hand; with the vSTAT® mobile app for your smart device, facility occupants have the ability to interact with their building systems or zones without the need to directly access a wall thermostat, lighting control solution, or a computer. Simply scan the QR Code® located in the zone you want to control.

  • Display Area - displays current applicable zone data (temperature, fan status, humidity, etc.).
  • Temperature Gauge - reflects the active heating and cooling setpoints for the selected zone.
  • Setpoint Controls - adjust heating and cooling setpoints with a touch.
  • Favorite/Lock Keys - designate zones as stored favorites. Lock the display to prevent accidental changes.
  • Occupancy Button - control the status in selected zones.
  • Fan Button - configurable for direct control of fan equipment (i.e. On, Off, Auto).
  • User Field - displays additional read-only parameters as designated by the user.
  • User Button - customizable button allowing users to trigger actions such as lighting, door control, etc.
  • Main Navigation - easy access to temperature display, favorites, locations, and the QR reader.

Schedule your building(s) through programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and any of over 40 other programs that utilize the iCalendar protocol. This means that if you schedule a room in your building for a meeting, a workday, or weekend occupancy, it can be done without the need to access a proprietary scheduling tool. Don't worry, should your building lose internet connectivity, AspectFT will still maintain the last received schedule until connectivity is restored and new changes are made.

With AspectFT you can schedule a resource for a meeting in your corporate calendar and the building will automatically adjust for the occupancy of that zone. No need to worry about turning things on or off. Just plan your meeting and AspectFT will do the rest.

AspectFT allows you to access your building information on the go through RSS feeds, Twitter and email. Through your phone, tablet, or laptop you can access pertinent information wherever you are.

With RSS feed technology you can receive a plethora of information including energy data directy to your email or smart device. Receive notifications on alarms or statuses of your building system on your smart phone. Have reports emailed to you at the end of the day in the comfort of your home. These are just a few of the convenient ways that AspectFT brings information straight to you.

Through integration to common internet communication mediums, AspectFT can get important information to any level of user quickly. With services like Twitter, all someone needs to do is follow the building's tweets to get up-to-date information. This is as easy as texting to 40404 and "Follow" a specific building or zone.

Store and retrieve all building data via a MySQL® or MSSQL database. This allows for data to be mined easily and effectively through familiar programs like Microsoft Excel® and SAP® Crystal Reports.  With advanced audit trail functionality, reports can be generated to not only show energy trends, but reasons for anomalies in the data as well as what user was responsible for any changes.

Manage energy consumption with XPath®. Data from XML tables can be integrated to create more dedicated and automated control.

For example, weather services from sites like Yahoo!® Weather, and can be utilized to manage building routines based on predicted weather patterns.  Services like Google Latitude™ can be used to let your building know when you have entered or left the proximity of a building and automatically adjust setpoints or manage lighting. Weather data can be integrated into AspectFT and used to predict energy loads and building automation requirements. Unseasonal weather patterns can result in the building changing it's routines accordingly to ensure optimal comfort and energy usage.

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