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Performance Contracting

Are skyrocketing utility costs burning up your budget?

Performance contracting is the solution.

You may be asking, what is performance contracting and how can I benefit from such a program? In a nutshell, performance contracting programs identify energy conservation opportunities in your facility, provide a plan for implementing energy saving solutions including funding sources, and provide guaranteed financial results.

Performance contacting programs allow public and private entities to implement energy conservation projects with little or no capital outlay and include a guaranteed reduction in energy consumption, thereby, reducing the inherent risk associated with implementing these types of projects. Performance contracting also links payment to performance. Accountability for delivering on-going results rests squarely with J & H Controls, assuring you that we will remain attentive and focused throughout the program term.

J & H Controls has considerable experience in implementing performance contracting programs. Our programs are not "hit-or-miss" propositions, as our track record proves. Our performance contracting programs are instituted with a complete understanding of the dynamics involved in the operation of each individual facility. Simply stated, no two buildings are the same and a "one size fits all" approach will not be successful. The success of our performance contracting programs is proven through the continuing relationships we have with our clients.

Performance Contracting Programs include:

  • Facility performance and energy consumption analysis (HVAC, automatic temperature controls and lighting)
  • Application engineering
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Program Management
  • Guaranteed Financial Results

J & H Controls is a Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program Ally and we will work with the Focus on Energy staff to identify the best energy saving solutions for your facility. In turn, the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program will be utilized as a funding resource.

Explore the possibilities, allow our staff to conduct a facility performance and energy consumption analysis at no cost or obligation to you. Call us today for an energy efficient tomorrow.

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